Ski Resort Warth Schröcken (Ski Arlberg) in the Bregenz Forest: Position on map

Review Warth Schröcken (Ski Arlberg): Beginner Skiing

Category Beginner: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Enough easy slopes at the base station
  • Great variety of runs for beginners
  • Good access to the beginner area
  • Well equipped kids park
  • Designated beginner areas
  • Great variety of ski schools and lessons offered
    Beginner 8 / 10
    Overall score: 89 / 100

    Lots of space for beginners: around 43% blue slopes!

    Around 131 kilometres (81 miles) of blue-marked slopes make Arlberg a suitable destination even for beginners. Beginners' runs are spread over the whole area, giving newbies a chance to ski the entire resort on relatively easy runs. Furthermore, modern chair lifts make it super easy to climb the Vorarlbergian mountains.

    At the St. Anton area, beginners will enjoy runs Nr. 64 and the extensive Valfagehr run Nr. 100 down to St. Christoph as well as the way from Ulmer Hütte down to St. Anton, entirely marked blue (runs 78/56/55/50). Absolute newbies find local ski schools' practice areas with kids' parks and practice runs.

    Base stations Lech and Zürs also feature practice and baby lifts. Furthermore, nearly all the slopes there have blue runs going town to the valley. Take your first steps on skis at Warth-Schröcken on the run by the baby lift (Körbliftle) at Saloberjet's base station. For more advanced beginners, the shorter runs Nr. 291 and 293 along Karhornbahn can be recommended.

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