Ski Resort Warth Schröcken (Ski Arlberg) in the Bregenz Forest: Position on map

Review Warth Schröcken (Ski Arlberg): Backcountry Skiing

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  • Guided tours for freeride skiers
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  • Avalanche training offered
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    Freeride 10 / 10
    Overall score: 89 / 100

    A freeride fan's eldorado: various runs off the groomed slopes!

    A total of 200 kilometres (124 miles) of ungroomed slopes make Arlberg perfect for freeride fans. Its range of off-piste terrain is one of Europe's most extensive. Backcountry skiing is possible in all different parts of the ski resort.

    At St. Anton, take Vallugabahn I to Schindler-Spitze (8,727 ft). From there, the red-marked run Nr. 92 takes you to the intermediate trails Nr. 91, 86, and 88 as well as the highly challenging trails Nr. 87 and 90, where only experts should dare to venture. Same goes for trails Nr. 40 and 41 at Kapall, and the extreme and breathtaking route Nr. 101 from Valfagehr-Bahn's top station down to Rauz. A more easily enjoyable route is Nr. 51, located underneath Galzigbahn.

    Zug, however, is the true freeride eldorado of Arlberg. A number of great trails go down from Steinmähder-Bahn's top station. Nr. 226, 224, and 177 (from the base station) are worth checking out. More experienced free riders should go to Kriegerhorn (7,129 ft). Routes Nr. 202 and 203 are only suitable for absolute experts, just like Nr. 241 at Berger Rinderalpe.

    Lech-Zürs's nicest off-piste runs are underneath Trittkopf (Nr. 136 and 129) as well as at Madloch-Joch (Nr. 173, 172, and 170). At Warth-Schröcken, Köbersee trail Nr. 309 is a great option, as are the shorter but challenging trails “Große Mulde (Nr. 301) and “Walserstutz” (Nr. 302) at Jägeralp-Express. Mogul fans should check out Nr. 253 along Salober-Jet.

    With such a large range of off-piste terrain, it is not surprising that Arlberg gets the top score in this category as well.


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