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Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Great variety of slopes for advanced skiers
  • Guaranteed to have great snow
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of easy terrain
  • Modern Lifts
  • Good Après-Ski
  • Designated areas for children
  • Great variety of slopes
    Overall score:
    85 / 100

    Vail - one of the best ski resorts in the USA

    There are good reasons for Vail`s celebrity. Only 50 years ago Vail was a little mountain village which was dominated by agriculture, since then a lot has been done in Vail. Whether heated sidewalks are truly necessary is disputable. The 12 square kilometres of powder runs in the Back Bowl, modern lift facilities, vibrant night life and of course powder, powder powder upto 3500m above sea level are the key factors to Vail`s success and the reason why Vail is one of the few US resorts that are among the world wide top 10 resorts! However Vail is pricy, apart from the excellent family friendly features like the day care programmes less expensive family packages are something left to be desired.
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