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Review Vail: Après-Ski

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Category Nightlife: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Après Ski at the base
  • Diverse nightlife
  • Live music in the mountain huts
  • Big events
  • Few mountain huts and umbrella bars
Nightlife 8 / 10
Overall score: 85 / 100

Vail - best Après Ski in the USA

Vail features the best Après Ski in the USA but also the most expensive. While we were surprised to find that many Ski Resorts in Colorado offer reasonable prices for food and beverages both in the valley and on the mountain, Vail dwarfs even the exaggerated prices in European resorts! However Vail is by far the top resort in the Après Ski department (only Aspen can keep up with Vail). For a lunch break we recommend the “Two Elk Lodge” at the “Highline Express” mountain station. A rustic and super comfy spot to take a skiing break! And in the valley, Vail`s top location is without doubt the “La Tour” where you can indulge in French cuisine, or “Pepi`s” where you can enjoy Austrian and Bavarian dishes. Vail Village comes up with a great array of Clubs, Pubs and Bars. Those who like to party it up should check out “The Club” where live bands perform regularily and the DJs in the 8150 make sure spirits stay high until late into the night! Those who like to let the evening wind down on a cosy note should check out the rustic-comfy Pepi`s bar. The “Tap Room” is a more fancy location.