Ski Resort Vail in Aspen: Position on map

Review Vail: Expert Skiing

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Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Up-to-date lifts
  • Big ski resort
  • Enough runs for experts
  • Great variety of runs
  • No ski circuit
Advanced 10 / 10
Overall score: 85 / 100

Vail - a skiing dream come true!

It is not surprising that the largest and probably most famous ski resort in the USA obtained the „Top for intermediate skiers“ award. Even skilled skiers need several days to explore the 215 km of skiable trails as well as the almost infinite number of powder runs in this 2141 hectare large ski resort! Vails location of up to 3527 meters above sea level and the dry continental atmospheric conditions guarantee that Vail is also home to the best powder in the world. Skiers and boarders who prefer groomed carving grounds we recommend the terrain made accessible by the “Wildwood Express” and “Mountaintop Exüress”. Off piste fans will have their skiing dreams come true in the Back Bowl or at the Blue Sky Basin. Keep in mind that especially the terrain at the “Skyline Express” and “Blue Sky Basin” are very challenging (black diamond level) and at times even lead across ledges and should only be ventures into by very skilled and experienced free-riders. Worthy of praise in Vail are also the lift facilities which are probably among the most modern to be found in North America.