Ski Resort Katschberg in the Katschberg-Rennweg: Position on map

Review Katschberg: Expert Skiing

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      Advanced 9 / 10
      Overall score: 79 / 100

      Nearly 70% of all slopes are of intermediate level

      When taking a look at the trail map of the ski resort Katschberg Aineck one can immediately see that the intermediate slopes (earmarked red) claim a huge share of all groomed slopes. This is of course advantageous to sportive skiers who like to ski intermediate level terrain. The most beautiful intermediate level runs (earmarked red on the trail map) can be found at the mountain Tschaneck (2030 m). Unfortunately these slopes can only be accessed by using t-bar lifts. For those who don’t mind using the rather uncomfortable lifts we recommend to ski every single slope leading down from the Tschaneck mountain. For those who prefer longer slopes the Aineck mountain is the place to be. A couple of intermediate and very demanding slopes lead down from the peak of the Aineck mountain (2220 m above sea level).

      The expert skiers will also get their moneys worth!

      12 out of 62 kilometres of groomed terrain are very challenging (earmarked black). These slopes are only for those who are strong of leg, lung and courage. The slopes number 11 and 28 (please check the trail map) are the most challenging slopes of the ski resort. Extreme is the name of the game when racing down slope number 11 (the so-called Direttisima) we can therefore truly recommend this very long trail. Unfortunately 60% of all lift facilities are t-bar lifts. Often experts don´t like these uncomfortable and rather slow lifts. But most of the slopes at the Katschberg-Aineck ski resort are worth waiting for a little at the base stations of the lift facilities.


      User Reviews

      Fixi Hartmann (Age: 18-25)
      Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2020
      Travelled as: Family
      Nice ski resort
      Fixi Hartmann rated the following categories
      Dennis Hennig (Age: 14-18)
      Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2018
      Travelled as: Family
      Very many and good steep and heavy slopes on the Aineck. On the Tschaneck unfortunately only a black slope. I therefore recommend only the Aineck for experts.
      Dennis Hennig rated the following categories