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Category Terrain Parks: Official review by
2 years ago
Terrain Parks 9 / 10
Overall: 85 / 100
  • One or more terrain parks available
  • Adequate set-up in the terrain park
  • Obstacles for beginners and experts
  • Changing set-up
  • Lift to the terrain park

Stubai Zoo – Stubaier Gletscher’s very own terrain park

Terrain Parks

Stubai Zoo on Gaisskarferner is open from October well into spring and is one of the largest snowboard and freestyle ski parks in Tyrol during the early and late part of the season. Situated at 3,100 metres above sea level, it boasts an absolute snow guarantee from early on in the season. The park offers up three different lines tailored to different levels of ability. The terrain park is freshly shaped and groomed every day, and has been served by its own lift since autumn 2014, allowing freestyle skiers to spend all day in the park without any detours. Another decisive advantage: The south-facing orientation of the park makes long shredding sessions are much more pleasant experience if the sun is out. There are plenty of deckchairs at the park base and fresh beats coming from the speakers to provide the soundtrack to your day.

Stubai Zoo - Park Setup

Pro Line:

  • 3 jumps (14m, 16m and 18m)
  • High rail / Canon
  • Downrail
  • Wallride

Medium Line:

  • 4 jumps (each with two jump heights of 6m and 10m)
  • Flatbox
  • Kinked rail

Jib/Easy Line:

  • 10 simple butter boxes, butter rainbows and easy jumps



User Reviews

REINHARD FERCHL (Age: 36-40 • Oct. 2017 )
Skill: Pro • Travelled as: Family
The Fun Park Stubai Zoo is now world famous.
Rüdiger olst (Age: 51-60 • Oct. 2017 )
Skill: Pro • Travelled as: Family
Very good
Martin Bauer
Martin Bauer (Age: 26-30 • Jan. 2006 )
Skill: Pro • Travelled as: n.V.
Unfortunately no funpark, fantastic outback possibilities!
For snowboarders, where a good funpark has top priority, the ski resort on the Stubai Glacier is only recommended for a limited number of reasons. There is only one line with inflated curves. Unfor... Read complete review
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