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      44 / 60
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      Snowbird - snowguarantee in Utah!

      There are good reasons for Snowbird being among the most famous ski resorts worldwide. The terrain is composed of an ideal blend of different ability levels. Beginners and families have a great choice of easy and intermediate terrain. Snowboarders are catered to with two fun parks and (when snow-cover is good) excellent free ride conditions. And even experts get their moneys worth as few ski resorts will offer as many difficult trails as Snowbird. The abundance of slopes guarantees that crowds on slopes or at lift-facilities are avoided. A further highlight is the possibility to sign up for a Snowmobile tour. Quite unique are the photographers that take pictures of the guests skiing which can then be purchased (however quite expensive for 20 $). Lift ticket prices are also among the American average. Therefore Snowbird is definitely a recommendable destination for all skiers and boarders alike.

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