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Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Advanced 8 / 10
      Overall score: *44 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Intermediate skiers can tap the whole potential of the ski resort!

      Snowbird is an excellent destination for intermediate skiers! Intermediate terrain stretches across almost the entire resort. Especially the terrain at the “Gad 2 Lift” is dominated by intermediate level slopes. We enjoyed the “Bassackwards” trail in particular as in combination with the “Lower Bassackwards” it is an especially long trail that leads right into the valley. An insider tip are the descents from the “Hidden Peak”, the highest point in the resort. The “Chips Run” or the “Road to Provo” lead from 3350m down to 2365m and are a true standout in terms of length and natural beauty. Keep in mind however that you must be strong of lung and leg in order to truly enjoy the descents!

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