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      43 / 60
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      Mt Buller – One of the best ski resorts in Australia especially for advanced riders!

      Mt Buller, which is Victoria´s biggest ski resort offers 25 lifts and 80km of groomed slopes. The skiing-area fits well the demands of families. The three magic carpet lifts are just perfect for learning new skills that can get your children up and around the resort. But Mt Buller is more famous for its steep off-piste tree runs. Of course resorts in Europe or North America feature the longer and steeper runs, but in Australian Buller is among the more demanding skiing areas. Unfortunately snowmaking systems only cover 18km of slopes. Consequently skiing conditions are not always perfect on the black marked runs on the southern mountainside of Mt Buller peak. Nevertheless Mt Buller is (especially in high season) the best ski resort for advanced skiers and experts in Victoria

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