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      Mt Buller Parks (MBP) and awesome off-piste tree rides!

      The three funparks at Mt Buller have been designed to facilitate all abilities, with progression in mind. The Bluff View Park (next to Blue Bullet 2 base station) boasts some beginner freestyle facilities, while over 30 rails have been set up for intermediate boarders in the Baldy Park (just a few metres above Bluff View Park). Advanced riders should visit the Summit Terrain Park and try for some challenging jumps. If you are new to the snowboard there are three magic carpet lifts in Mt Buller ski resort. All advanced freeriders can try one of the famous off-piste tree runs, which can be found at the steeps next to the Wombat chairlift (Powder Keg, Robin´s, ...). But if you don´t want to destroy your equipment, make sure the snow coverage is good enough before you do these runs!

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