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      Advanced 8 / 10
      Overall score: *43 / 60
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      Nearly half of all slopes at Mt Buller are of intermediate level!

      Advanced skiers will find a dazzling array of intermediate level slopes at Mt Buller. Thanks to more than 140 snow guns, that cover at least 18 km (out of 80km) of groomed slopes, Mt Buller is known to have reliable (man-made) snow coverage from mid June until September. Make sure to have a break on the summit to enjoy the breathtaking view of the “Victorian Alps”, the southern part of the Snowy Mountains. If you prefer groomed slopes of intermediate level, we recommend to have a close look at the northern slopes Shakey Knees and Home Trail. The southern slopes, such as Wombat Run or Little Buller Spur are covered by snowmaking systems and hence often provide better skiing conditions. If you are strong of leg, lung and courage you can try one of the off-piste tree runs or black marked runs such as Powder Keg or Robin`s. However make sure you ONLY ski these slopes when there is good coverage of natural snow.

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