Ski Resort Krippenstein Obertraun in the Salzkammergut: Position on map

Review Krippenstein Obertraun: Freestyle Skiing

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Category Terrain Parks: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Terrain Parks 6 / 10
      Overall score: 68 / 100

      Back-country riding until your legs give in!

      Krippenstein does not really feature a terrain park and the few groomed trails are a joke. Snowboarders head to Krippenstein because it is a back-country paradise. Sheer endless are the powdery descents in Krippenstein. Spine tingling tree runs and long rides down virgin snow – that's what you get in Krippenstein. Before however you head into the “wild“ make sure you obtain essential info on the current avalanche situation and that your avalanche safety gear is complete (helmet, probe, tracker, shovel). It is definitely recommendable to hire a guide (under outdoor-leadership.com) as the area can be mined with doles and crevices hidden under a thick blanket of snow. Further advantage the guides take you to the real hotspots of the region! If you however need some air-time to call it a perfect day out on the slopes there are a couple of medium-sized jumps and rails right by the mountainstation (for more info see: www.krippenstein.com/winter/ski-board/funpark/ Novice riders have a small beginner area (featuring tow-lifts) at their disposal at the base and two easy trails up on the mountain.