Ski Resort Krippenstein Obertraun in the Salzkammergut: Position on map

Review Krippenstein Obertraun: Family Skiing

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Category Family: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Family 5 / 10
      Overall score: 68 / 100

      Krippenstein – worth a day trip for families!

      Krippenstein of course can't really compete with the much larger Dachstein-West ski resort near-by but can still be a nice alternative for a day trip. 5km of gentle trails and 6km of intermediate trails await families in Krippenstein. And of course your kids can't get lost as long as they stay on groomed terrain. Even the youngest among skiers and riders are catered to with the Krippi-Park. Right by the practicing lift in the valley a magic carpet lift take the kids up and around a gentle slope. The ski instructors of Outdoor Leadership show kids how to ski in ungroomed terrain in the Outdoor Leadership Adventure Park. And while the kids are excellently cared for by professionals parents can discover the endless powdery runs at the Krippenstein. A cosy and not too expensive place for a break is the “Lodge am Krippenstein“ right below the mountain station. A sunny patio and a breathtaking view of the Dachstein-Massiv and the Hallstatter Glacier are included.