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Krippenstein Obertraun

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last update on Jun 4, 2020
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Freeride 10 / 10
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      Pristine powder as far as the eye can see!

      Those heading to Krippenstein don't go there for its very meager to pracitcally non-existant array of groomed trails. Because Krippenstein is a powder and outback hot-spot-slash-paradise! The entire resort is one huge outback area. Spine tingling descents down tree-runs and pristine powdery slopes is what awaits expert skiers in Krippenstein. Recommendable is the Schönberg route which due to its ample terrain provides some virgin descents also in the afternoons. However the Krippenstein is not without its dangers. There are dolines and crevices, often hidden under a thick blanket of snow. It goes without saying that the standard avalanche safety gear like helmet (on head) as well as shovel, probe and tracker are stowed away neatly in the backpack and that you don't venture into the “wild“ by yourself. The “exit“ signs nailed to trees provides some guidance as to where you need to be especially careful but you are best off with a guide (check out A guide guarantees minor risktaking and can take you to the very best spots which are difficult to find if you don't know the region. If you want the real back-to- nature experience you can abstain from lifts and go on a long back country ski touring excursion. No less than 5 stars for a perfect outback ski resort!


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