Ski Resort Saas-Grund Hohsaas in the Saastal: Position on map

Review Saas-Grund Hohsaas: Beginner Skiing

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Category Beginner: Official review by Snow-Online.com
8 months ago
  • Designated beginner areas
  • Well equipped kids park
  • Good access to the beginner area
  • Ski school
  • Little variety of runs for beginners
  • No or not enough easy slopes at the base station
Beginner 7 / 10
Overall score: 72 / 100

Practice area and blue slopes at Kreuzboden

For beginners, the area at Kreuzboden offers beautiful blue slopes to practice on. With a location at around 2400 meters, beginners will therefore also find snow-sure slopes. However, the blue slopes are only served by drag lifts. In addition, there is a magic carpet for the Snowland practice slope. The local Saas-Grund snow sports school offers skiing and snowboarding courses here for both children and adults.

If you want to take the cable car up to the Hohsaas mountain station, the highest point of the ski area, you should already be reasonably confident on the skis. In the upper area there are only red and black slopes. The downhill run to the valley is also marked red and therefore not necessarily suitable for beginners.

About 500 meters from the bottom station of the gondola there are two more ski lifts (Ziebel and Tamatten) with easy beginner slopes. Separate ski passes can also be purchased for the Ziebel lift, which are significantly cheaper.