Ski Resort Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert in the Region Nockberge Bad Kleinkirchheim: Position on map

Review Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert: Average Snow Conditions

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Category Snow: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Enough snow guns
  • Beneficial weather conditions
  • Located at high altitude
  • No glacier skiing
Snow 7 / 10
Overall score: 68 / 100

Completely snowable

The small ski resort is quite snow-sure thanks to its altitude ( base station at 1,700m). The ski season here usually lasts from December to April. Should the snow ever be scarce, all the slopes can be covered with artificial snow. Due to its location in the southern Alps, the ski resort is also sunny. This promises great skiing days with perfect weather.