Ski Resort Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert in the Region Nockberge Bad Kleinkirchheim: Position on map

Review Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert: Après-Ski

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Category Nightlife: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Live music in the mountain huts
  • Few events happening
  • Few bars and clubs
  • Few mountain huts and umbrella bars
Nightlife 3 / 10
Overall score: 68 / 100

Après-Ski? Not really

The hype surrounding alpine après-ski has passed the Falkert ski resort by. It is not for nothing that the ski resort advertises for families and seniors. For this clientele, there are probably no quieter and more relaxing ski resorts in the Austrian Alps. 

Nevertheless, the Seehütte hosts a hut evening with live music once a week. Here you can also enjoy cheese fondue or raclette on order.