Ski Resort Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert in the Region Nockberge Bad Kleinkirchheim: Position on map

Review Heidi-Alm Skipark - Falkert: Expert Skiing

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Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Nice Carving slopes
  • Small ski resort
  • No ski circuit
  • Partly outdated lifts
Advanced 5 / 10
Overall score: 68 / 100

Average for advanced skiers

In the category "advanced skiers", the Falkert ski resort can convince with its snow safety. But the offer for the advanced skier is rather mediocre. The four red-level slopes certainly have their appeal, but the T-bar lifts are not very comfortable.

With five lifts, the Falkert ski area is one of the smaller ski areas, but it still has some nice runs and could definitely become more attractive with more modern lifts. And since Falkert wants to be a ski resort for "kids and oldies" (according to the advertising slogan), one could definitely expect a chairlift. Another plus point to mention is the beautiful carving slope, the Falkertlift run, where you can also leave your poles aside.