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      The "Birds of Prey" racing course - a must for all expert skiers!

      The American counterpart to the European „Streif“ in Kitzbühel Austria is the “Birds of Prey” race course. This legendary slope begins at the “Cinch Express Lift” mountain station and runs via the intermediate “Zoom Room” into the pitch-black double diamond “Golden Eagle” and then down into the valley. It is a must for all experts to conquer this legendary descent! Further highlights are the many black and often ungroomed trails between the “Centennial Express” and the “Grouse Mountain Express”. 38 % of the 152 km of skiable terrain are classified difficult – an amount that will leave even the best among skiers occupied and entertained for quite a while. Little downer: Timber line in Colorado is at about 3600m above sea level, Beaver Creek reaches an altitude of 3488m and therefore all slopes are below timber line. “Wide open” powder runs are not to be found at Beaver Creek.

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