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Review Beaver Creek: Family Skiing

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      Family 9 / 10
      Overall score: *50 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Beaver Creek - a family friendly resort!

      Beaver Creek almost obtained the highest mark possible in the beginner category. Generally resorts which obtain a good mark in the beginner category also obtain good marks in the family category. Beaver Creek is not an exception! Apart from the great beginner- and therefore kids-friendly array of slopes (see beginner category) a lot more details speak for Beaver Creak. The gigantic ground-heating makes sure that side-walks are constantly free of ice. Weather such a facility makes sense is disputable, but families do enjoy that Bever Creak is car- and snow-free. Furthermore there are excellent family activities beyond the slopes. The Mc Coy Park located on 2999m above sea level is a true recreation paradise for all cross country and snowshoe fans. In the resort as well as in neighbouring Vail the “Kids Adventure Zones” practicing area makes sure Kids enjoy an easy, fun-filled and convenient introduction to snow-sports. However Beaver Creak is quite a challenge for the family-wallet, therefore the highest mark possible in the family category was not possible.

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