Ski Resort Bad Gastein - Bad Hofgastein in the Gasteinertal: Position on map

Review Bad Gastein - Bad Hofgastein: Expert Skiing

Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Big ski resort
  • Enough runs for experts
  • Great variety of runs
  • Up-to-date lifts
    Advanced 10 / 10
    Overall score: 84 / 100

    Bad Gastein – a perfect ski resort for intermediate skiers!

    A first glance at the trail map reveals that Bad Gastein must be an intermediate skier’s ski paradise! A total of 63 % of Bad Gasteins terrain is earmarked intermediate level (red). The ski resort is linked to Bad Hofgastein via Schlossalm, Angertal and Stubnerkogel which results in a literally breathtaking amount of slopes. Intermediate skiers are taken up and around the resort by superfast state of the art lift facilities. Apart from the valley descent to Bad Gastein the entire ski resort can be explored on intermediate level terrain. Especially recommendable are the B11 slope as well as the little more challenging B 19. If you are looking for some off piste fun leave the timber line behind and head to the Stubnerkogel where you’ll find excellent powder conditions. Winter athletes who like to test their skills and push their limits can check out the difficult black B20 slope. Due to the abundance of intermediate level trails and the state of the art lift facilities we reward this ski resort with excellent 10 points!


    User Reviews

    Leo (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Pro • in Jan 2022
    Travelled as: Group
    Lots of red pistrn and a few black ones too!Lots of variety! Waiting times are good!I ski there every year for years and still have fun and it does not get boring!
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    Ben Ammer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2005
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Sporty drivers are also required
    Our sporty ambitious skiers will surely find something suitable under 15 red runs. There is a balanced range of routes covering the whole spectrum from simple to demanding. The exit Send (H4) is id... Read complete review
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