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Davos Klosters is famous for cross-country skiing as well. It is home to the Davos Nordic every year and even the FIS cross-country skiing World Cup stops here. That doesn´t mean the  resort offers no dedicated areas for beginners. More than 100 kilometers (62 miles) of classic trails and 46 kilometers (28,5 miles) for skating are prepared. Both are free of charge. The cross-country skiing center in Davos Platz even provides a waxing room, locker rooms and showers. Same service is offered by the center in Klosters.

Try the FIS trail in Flüetal or test the Bünda area in Davos Dorf. The Wolfgang course is considered as one of the longest trails, which has a total of 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) if you take it there and back. Among the ´Landwasser´ you will even find a 15 kilometer (9 miles) long dog trail.

Guests who enjoy night skiing get the chance every night until 9.30 pm in Davos, close to the Dischmatal on a trail that has a total of 2,5 km (1,5 miles). Every Tuesday and Thursday the offer extends by a 3,2 km (2 miles) long night slope in Klosers, close to the Schwader Loch.

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Weather (6562 ft)


Elevation3937 ft - 6234 ft
Opening DayOct 29, 2022
Closing DayApr 1, 2023
Skating 51.57 miles
Classic 64 miles
Lighted trails 3.17 miles