Ski Review 2019/2020: Ladies' Touring Ski

If you prefer snow-covered nature and untouched slopes instead of skiing among the masses in ski resorts, ski mountaineering is the right thing for you. Popular among both men and women, it is no wonder manufacturers provide a great variety of touring skis. We tested the models made for female mountaineering fans.

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Your companion for an unforgettable mountain tour

Only few sports let you experience true freedom in the way ski mountaineering does. The ascent is hard and demanding, but the downhill run through the peaceful landscape more than makes up for that.

Light weight is one of the most important characteristics a good pair of touring skis needs to have. The lighter the skis are, the easier the way up the hill will be for you. With a width of 82 to 88 millimeters, the “Ladies touring ski” models make skiing possible both on and off the piste.

The skis for the 2019/2020 season were tested in Innerkrems, a starting point for the Nockberge trail in the Austrian state of Carinthia (Kärnten). The area offers many different route opportunities of different difficulty levels. All skis proved to be of the highest quality, with the grades ranging from 'good' to 'excellent'.

Climbing skins, crampons, ski poles and a helmet complete the touring equipment, along with a touring backpack containing avalanche and first aid kits. Weather conditions are also a decisive factor in planning a day of ski mountaineering. Before heading up the mountain, be sure to check avalanche conditions as well as the weather forecast.

Target group: Lady mountaineers looking for great skis with top qualities for both ascent and descent.


Test Winner: Hagan Core Lite 84

Hagan Core Lite 84
Hagan Core Lite 84

Hagan's Core Lite 84 model tops our ranking almost four points above second place. The newcomer impressed us in all tested categories, especially with its riding characteristics and skin handling. It is the only model to reach the grade 'excellent'. 

Handling, skins9,6 / 10
Long turn8,8 / 10
Short turn8,3 / 10
Stability at speed8,3 / 10
Physical effort8,3 / 10
Overall impression8,9 / 10
Total52,2 / 60

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Second place: Atomic Backland WMN 85

Atomic Backland WMN 85
Atomic Backland WMN 85

This year's runner-up is the Atomic Backland WMN 85. Its strengths lie especially in skin handling and short turns. The relatively cheap price is another important bonus, of course. 

Handling, skins9,2 / 10
Long turn7,7 / 10
Short turn8,0 / 10
Stability at speed7,7 / 10
Physical effort7,7 / 10
Overall impression8,0 / 10
Total48,3 / 60

>> More information on the Atomic Backland WMN 85

Third place: Völkl VTA 84

Völkl VTA 84
Völkl VTA 84

With a total of 48.2 points, the Völkl VTA 84 ranks only minimally below second place, reaching the grade 'very good'. Its light construction makes ascending easier, while also reaching high marks in the short and long turn categories. 

Handling, skins7,9 / 10
Long turn8,3 / 10
Short turn8,2 / 10
Stability at speed7,7 / 10
Physical effort7,9 / 10
Overall impression8,2 / 10
Total48,2 / 60

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All Test results for the Ladies' Touring Models:

RankModelRatingPrice (RRP)

Hagan Core Lite 84

52.2549,95 €

Atomic Backland WMN 85


449,95 €


Völkl VTA 84

48.2549,95 €

Fischer My Transalp 82 Carbon

46.6549,95 €

Stöckli Edge 88


899,00 €


Salomon MTN Explore 88 W


559,00 €


Elan IBEX 84 Carbon W


599,95 €


Blizzard ZERO G 85


600,00 €

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