Ski Boots With GripWalk for Superior Walking Comfort

Whether it is during après-ski ski or on your way from the car park to the base station – walking in ski boots is hardly any joy. The foot can't roll over, and on slippery surfaces it makes you slide all over the place. But that is a thing of the past! The new GripWalk technology provides ski boots with additional walking comfort and makes walking in them safer.

How Does GripWalk Technology Work?

The GripWalk system is made out of two soles that can be fitted to most ski and touring boots. The special feature of this new technology is its grip sole that is rounded at the forefoot. It makes walking much more comfortable, as the foot can now roll over, enabling a more natural walk. Slip resistance is enhanced as well, thanks to the sole's strong grip.

There are no impairments to skiing performance and safety with the new sole and binding system either. Special gliding strips at the sole guarantee a safe and standard release from the binding. The strips are placed inside of a notch, protecting them from wear and tear as you walk on gravel or asphalt. Furthermore, changeable sole pads at the toe and heel areas help achieve ideal power transmission and precise release.


What Should Be Considered?

Here you can compare the binding with Alpine soles (blue) and GripWalk soles (red).
Here you can compare the binding with Alpine soles (blue) and GripWalk soles (red). © Marker/Dalbello

Adding GripWalk to your shoes is possible for most new ski boots. The soles are simply mounted onto the shoe with four screws. However, to use GripWalk boots you need GripWalk compatible ski binding. Hence, you should pay attention to the system your binding works with before your purchase. A consistent, international standard is still in the works.

If you buy new skis today, you can pick a GripWalk binding even if you're still using your old ski boots. GripWalk bindings can be used with a conventional Alpine sole as well. This way, you leave the door open to switch to GripWalk shoes in the future if you like.

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last update on Aug 2, 2022