Schladming: First "Smart" Ski Helmet on the Slopes

Smart phone, smart home, smart ski helmet - with its new ski and snowboard helmet, RideOn brings modern technology onto the slopes. The "Mohawk" features a mini camera, GPS, and live communication. The first Augmented Reality helmet can currently be tried in Schladming-Dachstein, Austria.

First Augmented Reality Ski and Snowboard Helmet

The Mowhawk is the first Augmented Reality helmet.
The Mowhawk is the first Augmented Reality helmet. © RideOn

The Israeli start-up RideOn is currently developing the first "smart" ski helmet, and is now looking to get feedback on their prototype in Schladming. The "Mohawk" is equipped with latest AR-technology. The small camera on the helmet captures the surroundings on the slope, providing skiers with visual information such as elevation, speed, or GPS inside the ventail.

Furthermore, the helmet features headphones and a microphone, so that you can communicate with friends via text messaging, audio, or video. On top of that, you can use the headphones to listen to music, or record your ride on the camera. An especially useful feature for emergencies is the SOS button.


"Mohawk"'s Most Important Features

The ventail shows information such as speed, elevation, and GPS.
The ventail shows information such as speed, elevation, and GPS. © RideOn
  • Speed and Elevation: keep an eye on your skiing facts throughout your run
  • Music player with playlists
  • GPS: the AR trail map shows you new points of interest at the ski resort
  • Action Camera: record great 4K videos from the skier's perspective
  • SOS: in case of emergency, call for help by pressing the SOS button
  • Control centre: stay connected with friends on the slope, and talk to them via headset

Free Trial On Planai

If you're interested in the "Mohawk", you have the world exclusive opportunity to try it on Schladming's Planai mountain. Either test it for free for half an hour, or use it for a whole day after a quick instruction and for a €20 fee. The AR-helmet is set to go on sale next year.

Digital Innovations In Schladming

Last year, digital ski instructor Carv was tested in Schladming.
Last year, digital ski instructor Carv was tested in Schladming. © Carv

The Schladming-Dachstein region has long been a digital pioneer among ski resorts. From comprehensive wifi to Virtual Reality 360-degree flights and Smart Ski Goggles, IT innovations for tourists have been known to premiere here.

Schladming's visitors already had the opportunity of testing a world first last year as well. Digital ski instructor "Carv" uses thin insoles and trackers on the upper shoe to collect information on the skiers technique, and directly communicates them via headphones. The new AR-helmet adds annother innovative project to the list.


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last update on May 23, 2019