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International Four Hills Tournament - Results - Standings

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last update on Jan 22, 2019

Four Hills Tournament is one of the major highlights of the 2018/2019 season. Taking place between December 29, 2018 and January 6, 2019 at the four traditional venues of Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck, and Bischofshofen, it is an annual magnet for young and old spectators both in front and behind the screen. presents the start times and the results. 

Schedule of Four Hills Tournament

 QualificationRound 1 + 2
Time: 16:30
Time: 16:30
Time: 14:00
Time: 14:00
Time: 14:00
Time: 14:00
06.01.2019 (Sa)
Time: 14:30
06.01.2019 (So)
Time: 17:00

Overall Standings at Four Hills Tournament

Results after 4 of 4 hills:

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN1098,0
2.Markus EisenbichlerGER1035,9
3.Stephan LeyheGER1014,1
4.Dawid KubackiPOL1010,8
5.Roman KoudelkaCZE1006,3
6.Kamil StochPOL994,0
7.Andreas Stjernen NOR988,0
8.Robert JohanssonNOR983,2
9.Daniel HuberAUT970,4
10.Killian PeierSUI959,3
11.Karl GeigerGER951,5

Result Ski Jumping Oberstdorf on 29./30.12.2018

 NameCtry.1 Rd.2. Rd.Pt.
1.R. KobayashiJPN147.2135.1282.3
2.M. EisenbichlerGER144.5137.4281.9
3.S. KraftAUT134.8145.7280.5
4.A. StjernenNOR140.6137.6278.2
5.D. KubackiPOL132.3137.5269.8
6.P. ZylaPOL139.3129.0268.3
7.R. JohanssonNOR139.1128.9268.0
8.K. StochPOL134.7132.9267.6
9.T. ZajcSLO137.1128.9266.0
10.D. HuberAUT138.4126.8265.2

>> Overall Standings at Four Hills Tournament

Result Ski Jumping Garmisch-Partenkirchen on 31.12.2018 and 1.1.2019

 NameCtryRd 1Rd 2Pts.
1.R. KobayashiJPN129.5137.1266.6
2.M. EisenbichlerGER129.3135.4264.7
3.D. KubackiPOL122.7133.5256.2
4.R. KoudelkaCZE116.7137.1253.8
5.J. KobayashiJPN119.4130.0249.4
6.K. StochPOL110.3138.9249.2
7.S. LeyheGER110.8138.2249.0
8.T. ZajcSLO116.4132.3248.7
9.H. GranerudNOR114.7130.7245.4
10.A. StjernenNOR112.5132.8245.3

>> Overall Standings at Four Hills Tournament

Result Ski Jumping Innsbruck on 3./4.1.2019

 NameCtryRd 1Rd 2Points
1.R. KobayashiJPN137.0130.0267.0
2.S. KraftAUT126.8127.4254.2
3.A. StjernenNOR123.5119.2242.7
4.S. LeyheGER120.4118.7239.1
5.K. StochPOL119.2114.9234.1
6.Y. SatoJPN120.2111.2231.4
7.K. PeierSUI117.9112.7230.6
8.R. FreitagGER117.7112.3230.0
9.R. KoudelkaCZE109.6118.8228.4
10.T. ZajcSLO122.1104.5226.6

>> Overall Standings at Four Hills Tournament

Result Ski Jumping Bischofshofen on 5./6.1.2019

 NameCtryRd 1Rd 2Points
1.R. KobayashiJPN136.1146.0282.1
2.D. KubackiPOL139.9128.4268.3
3.S. KraftAUT137.1130.4267.5
4.S. LeyheGER123.7142.3266.0
5.M. EisenbichlerGER140.1125.4265.5
6.R. KoudelkaCZE129.3130.4259.7
7.H. GranerudNOR128.0130.0258.0
8.K. PeierSUI125.8128.8254.6
9.R. JohanssonNOR130.2123.1253.3
10.K. GeigerGER117.3132.2249.5

>> Overall Standings at Four Hills Tournament

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