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      Terrain Parks 8 / 10
      Overall score: *48 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Five different terrain parks to fit any boarder`s fancy

      Just like novice skiers, first timers on board are in very good hands at the Friday Flat terrain. A separated beginners area with magic carpets as wells as the easy-does-it-quad chairlift will make entering the world of boarding easy and enjoyable. Intermediate boarders have a great variety of intermediate slopes (67%) at their disposition. Advantageous for snowboarders is the fact that the majority of the resort can be accessed by chair lifts therefore no annoying t-bar lifts must be used. The absolute highlights however are for sure the various terrain parks. Thredbo does not only have one terrain park it boasts 5!!! Everyone caters to another skill level of the boarders. At the “Wombat World” kids can negotiate tunnels, bumps, boxes and jumps. To suit the beginners demand the park at the “Cruiser Chairlif”t is the one to be chosen. The interests of intermediate boarders are best fulfilled at the terrain park at the “High Noon” slope where the jumps will keep you in the air for a longer time. If this is still too boring for you try out the advanced park as well as the “Ridercross” situated at the antons t-bar or sponars t-bar lift. Furthermore the skilled boarder should not miss to get some off piste experience at the Golf Course Bowl.

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