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Review St. Anton (Ski Arlberg): Value for Money

Category Value for Money: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Reasonable ticket rates
  • Parking fees
  • Food rather expensive
  • Beverages rather expensive
  • No discount specials
Value for Money 8 / 10
Overall score: 89 / 100

High value has its price!

Arlberg has a lot to offer, and naturally that comes at a price. A one-day ski pass for adults during peak season costs a cool 53 euros (state: 2017). While that is undoubtedly a lot of money, Arlberg does have an outstanding offer of diverse runs for all skill levels, combined with one of the most modern mountain rail systems in the world. Hence, such a price does seem appropriate.

Less appropriate: the prices for food and drinks at the ski resorts. Especially at St. Anton and Lech, you have to dig really deep into your pocket for a meal at a mountain hut, or to enjoy some après-ski. Costs for accommodation are also high, although it depends on where you're staying. If you want to go on holiday to Arlberg, you should therefore make sure to shop around a bit. Naturally, prices at St. Anton, Lech, and Zürs are higher than at St. Christoph, Stuben, Zug, Warth, or Schröcken.

Another thing we don't rate well in our reviews are costly car parks at the valley stations, which prevail at St. Anton and Lech.

Yes, you get a lot of value for your money at Arlberg, but it is still a lot of money.


User Reviews

Griitsch (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2024
Travelled as: Group
Griitsch rated the following categories
Gerlinde (Age: 51-60)
Skill: Advanced • in Feb 2024
Travelled as: Family
Gerlinde rated the following categories
Julian (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Pro • in Feb 2024
Travelled as: Alone
Julian rated the following categories
Stephan Glauer (Age: 61-70)
Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2023
Travelled as: Couple
Stephan Glauer rated the following categories
Michael aus Düsseldorf (Age: 61-70)
Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2023
Travelled as: Couple
Michael aus Düsseldorf rated the following categories
Tobi (Age: 36-40)
Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2022
Travelled as: Group
Tobi rated the following categories
Tomsen (Age: 51-60)
Skill: Advanced • in Feb 2022
Travelled as: Family
Ski ticket always only for the entire ski area, which you can not ski in one day anyway. Eh not with 1/2 day ticket.A separation by eg places / local groups and then lower price would be almost genisl.
Tomsen rated the following categories
Antje (Age: 31-35)
Skill: Beginner • in Mar 2020
Travelled as: Group
Price extremely high and get too little for it
Antje rated the following categories