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Review St. Anton (Ski Arlberg): Expert Skiing

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  • Big ski resort
  • Enough runs for experts
  • Ski circuit
  • Great variety of runs
  • Up-to-date lifts
    Advanced 10 / 10
    Overall score: 89 / 100

    Arlberg is an advanced skier's paradise!

    Advanced skiers will definitely get their money's worth on Arlberg. A great variety of diverse slopes, amidst a stunning mountain range, characterise this ski resort. Red- and black-marked runs make for 57% of the groomed slopes. In addition to that, you get 200 kilometres (124 miles) of ungroomed trails.

    At the St Anton area, Valfagehrjoch run Nr. 85 from Schindler Spitze (8,727 ft) is a must-do for advanced skiers. More demanding, black runs go from Kapall (Nr. 42) and Gampen (Nr. 30 and 34) all the way down to St. Anton. Stuben's runs Nr. 105, 106, and 107 on Albonagrat (7,874 ft) are also great fun. Rendel features two nice red-marked runs (Nr. 6 and 8) and an interesting black run (Nr. 5).

    Especially Lech-Zürs, with its numerous red-marked runs, is perfect for advanced skiers. Our favourites: Zürser-Täli run Nr. 144, Balmen run Nr. 134 as well as run Nr. 165 from Madloch-Joch (7,999 ft) down to restaurant Seekopf. The runs between Zuger Hochlicht (7,798 ft) and Kriegerhorn (7,129 ft) at Zug are also great. The highlight: run Nr. 223 along Steinmähder lift as well as Nr. 236 from Zuger Hochlicht down to Hasensprung lift's base station.

    At Warth-Schröcken you will find nice red and black slopes on Saloberkopf (6,703 ft). Don't forget to check out Ochsakopf run Nr. 253. A dip of up to 70% makes it one of the steepest slopes on Arlberg. Run Nr. 283 along Jägeralp-Express is also great fun for experts.

    Arlberg also features some circuits around the resort, where you won't have to ski a single run twice. „Run of Fame“, from St. Anton over Lech-Zürs to Warth-Schröcken and back, includes 65 kilometres (40 miles) and a vertical drop of 18,000 metres (59,055 ft). If you don't want to go quite as far, historical circuit „Der Weiße Ring“ at Lech-Zürs might be for you. 22 kilometres (14 miles) long with a vertical drop of 5,500 metres (18,045 ft), it exists since the mid-1950s. The annual competition „Der Weiße Ring – Das Rennen“ is the longest ski race in the world.

    The diverse range of intermediate and expert runs on Arlberg is a dream come true for advanced skiers – 10/10 points in this category are more than justified.


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    Gerlinde (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Advanced • in Feb 2024
    Travelled as: Family
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    Stephan Glauer (Age: 61-70)
    Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2023
    Travelled as: Couple
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    Michael aus Düsseldorf (Age: 61-70)
    Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2023
    Travelled as: Couple
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    Tobi (Age: 36-40)
    Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2022
    Travelled as: Group
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    Ferdinand (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Advanced • in Feb 2022
    Travelled as: Group
    When slopes are open, there are certainly enough of them!
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    Lechthaler Lucia (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Pro • in Jan 2021
    Travelled as: Couple
    Space for everyone, very challenging slopes, new modern lifts, it takes several days to see the whole ski area.
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