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      "The Honeycomb Canyon" awaits all expert skiers!

      After some warm-up descents on one of the intermediate trails earmarked blue, expert skiers can take the “Powderhorn” lift up to a handful of beautiful black steeps. You have the possibility to take the perfectly groomed “Diamond Lane” down into the valley. Alternately you can cross the “Eagle Ridge” to get to further carving terrain like “Paradise”, “Vertigo”, “Paradise Lost” or “Rhapsody”. Those who prefer ungroomed terrain will find excellent tree-skiing opportunities at the “Summit Lift” in the “Headwall Forest”. We especially enjoyed the Off-Piste-Area “Honeycomb Canyon”. The “Honeycomb Canyon” is the youngest part of the ski resort as it was integrated into Solitude in 2002. The Summit lift enables accessing this off-piste area. From the lift- exit pass along the mountain and look for the nicest descents down into the valley. Solitude is the perfect destination for all those that long for outback-feeling without wanting to put up with long hikes.

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