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Serfaus Fiss Ladis

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Snow 7 / 10
Overall: 89 / 100
  • Enough snow guns
  • Beneficial weather conditions
  • Long season
  • Located at high altitude
  • No glacier skiing

Blessed with plenty of snow

Serfaus Fiss Ladis extends from an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level in Ladis up to 2,800 meters on the Masnerkopf in Serfaus. The ski area is therefore blessed with plenty of snow by virtue of its height. It is not quite able to match the generous levels of snowfall in nearby Arlberg, however, due to its more central location in the Alps. The ski area is largely south-facing – in December and January, this is certainly an advantage but as spring starts to set in, the runs here do tend to soften rapidly. If there is a shortage of the white stuff – no problem. A large part of the ski area can also be artificially prepared.


User Reviews

Leon (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2019
Travelled as: Group
Very high ski area (no glacier) therefore especially on the Masner, Pezid and on the north of Fisser even in spring still top conditions; That it becomes sulphurous in the afternoon is, of course, not to be supposed.
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Martin (Age: 46-50)
Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2019
Travelled as: Family
Several times now also with Christmas skiing in Serfaus and always great snow conditions. Absolutely snow sure even in pre-season and with Easter.
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Jonah Maas (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Pro • in Jan 2019
Travelled as: Group
In itself low in precipitation, but snowmaking is top. North Side Fiss getting snow-sure.
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Simon (Age: 14-18)
Skill: Advanced • in Feb 2019
Travelled as: Family
High situation
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Volker (Age: 51-60)
Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2018
Travelled as: Family
Even during the Easter season we always had beautiful snow.
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Torsten (Age: 46-50)
Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2017
Travelled as: Family
So far, it has always been lucky, with a few years of real scarcity. Especially in December, still good luck, but from January, however, always had snow down to the valley.
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David Novak (Age: 51-60)
Skill: Pro • in Oct 2017
Travelled as: Couple
Again, I criticize the questioning because the field & #34; ski area & #34; is missing, and that is ultimately by far the most authoritative.The ski resort is really wide, in the Masner very snow-pro... Read complete review
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Bernie Ski
Bernie Ski
Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2015
Travelled as: n.V.
Despite the very sunny position, the good snow-making makes it possible to start early in the season (early December) and end until after Easter.   This situation leads in the spring that the slope... Read complete review
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