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Serfaus Fiss Ladis

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Beginner 9 / 10
Overall: 89 / 100
  • Designated beginner areas
  • Great variety of ski schools and lessons offered
  • Great variety of runs for beginners
  • Good access to the beginner area
  • Well equipped kids park

    Fiss and Ladis are a beginners’ paradise!

    As the ski area is marketed as a destination for families, it’s no wonder that it’s perfectly suited for beginners. The Murmlipark in Serfaus is the ideal nursery slope for taking first attempts at skiing, as is the Kinderschneealm on the Komperdellalpe higher up. You can get more information on this in our “Families” category. Otherwise, the trails around the Komperdellalpe are also ideal for beginners. The runs here are extremely wide and the lifts comfortable. This is where most beginners’ ski courses start. After learning the basics, the wide red groomers from Plansegg, Scheid and Lawensalpe are a great option for taking the next step. In particular, the “Mittelabfahrt” to Serfaus is extremely picturesque. On the Fiss side, the runs around the Möseralm middle station are perfect for newcomers. Run 64 down into the valley, the “Möseralmabfahrt”, may be marked as a red run, but we believe it is also suitable for weaker skiers.



    User Reviews

    Leon (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2019
    Travelled as: Group
    For beginners, the two children's countries are well suited to learn to ski. In the rest of the ski area, however, few blue runs to expand the basic knowledge.
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    Alibaba (Age: 14-18)
    Skill: Advanced • in Apr 2019
    Travelled as: Family
    It is a very beginner friendly ski resort. There is a very wide range of slopes for beginners. In Serfaus, the wide slopes of the Planseggbahn invite you as well as the family lamps and in Fiss the... Read complete review
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    Jonah Maas (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Pro • in Jan 2019
    Travelled as: Group
    The range of piste for beginners is not huge (not extremely many blue runs), but especially the children's countries are great to get started, especially for children who start.
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    Volker (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2018
    Travelled as: Family
    With the Ladisabfahrt in Fiss you will find a 2.5 km long piste, on which beginners can also make a really long downhill.
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    Bernie Ski
    Bernie Ski
    Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2015
    Travelled as: n.V.
    As a skier who does his first swings in small ski areas with strenuous rope lifts & #34; had to #34;, the visit of a skiing school in a larger area with many conveyor belts would have been a dream. Ser... Read complete review
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