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Family 10 / 10
Overall: 89 / 100
  • Affordable for families
  • Kids areas
  • Wide offering of ski schools and nurseries
  • Enough slopes for beginner

    Unparalleled for families

    The offering for families is the ski area’s number one attraction. As long as two decades ago, the region started its offensive to become known as a family-friendly destination. In the time since, the ski area has meticulously worked on its service, creating what is most likely the world’s best family winter sports resort. Families are greeted by the ski area’s mascot Murmli when they first enter Serfaus. This is a taste of things to come. This family-friendly approach is also reflected in the hotels, with many designed especially with this in mind. The flagship accommodation is surely the leading family hotel Löwe & Bär (, which is truly top-notch. Here, as in many other hotels, there is a special day care program for children. The same applies for the towns of Fiss and Serfaus, with the latter representing a particularly good destination for families due to its car-free approach.

    However, the range of options for children and families within the ski area itself is just as important. Youngsters don’t even have to take to the mountain to learn – the Murmlipark is located in the heart of Serfaus. Here, kids can learn the basics from ski instructors without having to make their way up the mountain. When they’ve had enough, no problem – the hotels are nearby. Probably the most impressive family-friendly features are the kids’ parks at the “Kinderschneealm” in Serfaus and “Bertas Kinderland” in Fiss and Ladis. We know of no other kids’ parks in the Alps which can match this variety of options. The “Kinderschneealm” on the Komperdellalpe is easily accessed via the Komperdell gondola. Learners are even separated by age groups across this huge area, ensuring that nobody gets in anyone else’s way. There are no less than ten magic carpet lifts to transport the little ones back up the hill. On the Murmli and Steinbock obstacle courses, kids can learn to ski in the most playful way possible. The range of ski schools is also huge. Everything is possible here right through to full-day courses. There is even a small terrain park where youngsters can try their first tricks on small jumps. The restaurants “Murmlirest” and “Starrest” are also fantastic. In these restaurants, which were lovingly created specifically with kids in mind, even the lunch break is a highlight. Thanks to the central location on the Komperdellalpe, parents can enjoy the slopes and ensure they are never too far away from the children. But kids don’t just love it on the Kinderschneealm. There is a whole host of themed runs such as the “Murmli-Trail”, the “Bärenpiste”, which leads through an oversized bear’s mouth, and the “Dinopiste”.

    Bertas Kinderland offers a similar range of options on a small hill between Fiss and Ladis. The Kinderplanet, which functions as the main hub of the Kinderland, is served by a gondola lift. Here, there are also plenty of magic carpet lifts and themed runs for the youngsters to enjoy. It goes without saying that the local ski schools also take care of kids around the clock. Just as in Serfaus, parents have the option to check their children into Berta's Kindergarten from the age of just three months old. With a climbing tower, sleeping area and children’s cinema, your kids won’t be getting bored any time soon. In the children’s restaurant “Bertas Kinderplanet”, the service team is especially trained to meet the requirements of youngsters. Thursday is also a special day in Bertas Kinderland. In the Indianerland area, kids can have fun in the snow with “Häuptling Schneller Ski” and “Cowboy Joe”. Away from the kids’ parks, there are also excellent runs in the rest of the ski area for youngsters to improve their skiing. In particular, the runs around the Komperdellalpe and Möseralm are ideal for beginners. Many of the chairlifts are equipped with the “Kids Stop” system which prevents youngsters from slipping off the chair lift.

    It goes without saying that the ski area picks up the maximum 10 points in this category, and we would gladly award more if it were possible!



    User Reviews

    HM (Age: 41-45)
    Skill: Pro • in Dec 2019
    Travelled as: Family
    Skiing from the north side of Fiss to Masner and back on easy and medium-difficult slopes, very good to master for the whole family.
    Rated Categories
    Leon (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2019
    Travelled as: Group
    Good ski schools, children's countries in Fiss and Serfaus.
    Rated Categories
    Alibaba (Age: 14-18)
    Skill: Advanced • in Apr 2019
    Travelled as: Family
    For me, the ski area is one of the leading ski resorts in this category. Lifts and slopes are suitable for children because there is a parental safety in most lifts. The slopes are very easy for children also to navigate.
    Rated Categories
    Jonah Maas (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Pro • in Jan 2019
    Travelled as: Group
    The family ski area par excellence. Super family-friendly offer even outside of skiing and especially in the ski school for children and teenagers an extraordinary fun program (big foots, snowbikes... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Volker (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Advanced • in Mar 2018
    Travelled as: Family
    Super! Berta's children's land leaves nothing to be desired. And if Easter is extremely late, then the children's land will be built up anew. In the Hexenalm you can also do apres ski with small children.
    Rated Categories
    Torsten (Age: 46-50)
    Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2017
    Travelled as: Family
    At all lifts great service for smaller kiddies, ski school eh top
    Rated Categories
    Bernie Ski
    Bernie Ski
    Skill: n.V. • in Dec 2015
    Travelled as: n.V.
    As already mentioned in the section beginners, the reputation of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, one of the top family ski resorts, has not been wrongly created. Several easy theme runs, such as at the Alpkopf... Read complete review
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