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Mammoth Mountain

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last update on Mar 15, 2020
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  • One or more terrain parks available
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    Absolutely world class: 11 terrain parks, 4 halfpipes and over 100 different obstacles

    In freestyle terms, Mammoth Mountain is without doubt one of the very best ski areas in the world. It is the only ski area in North America to offer its guests four halfpipes of different sizes. Some of the world’s best athletes like Shaun White travel to Mammoth Mountain to train in the 22 ft (almost 7 m) Super-Duper Pipe in the Main Park below the Thunder Bound Express lift. But if you think that only top freestyle skiers and snowboarders can have fun in Mammoth, think again – with “Fun Zones” around all three base lodges (Eagle Lodge, Canyon Lodge und Main Lodge) as well as “Unbound Playgrounds”, Mammoth also offers terrain parks specially tailored to the needs of skiers and snowboarders taking their first freestyle steps with smaller jumps and rails.

    Only for pros: The Main Park below the Thunder Bound Express

    The Main Park directly above the Main Lodge on the Thunder Bound Express lift is the largest park in Mammoth Mountain. Aside from the world-famous 22-foot Super-Duper Pipe, the Main Park also features 4 XL jumps and 16 jibs which are sure to put a smile on every top freestyle skier’s face. The park is almost nine hectares in size, making it one of the largest terrain parks in North America.

    For advanced riders: The South Park below the Rollercoaster Express

    At almost ten hectares in size, the South Park is even a little larger than the Main Park. The obstacles here are only slightly smaller, yet the emphasis is much more on having fun than training hard. Aside from the 18 ft (5.5 m) Super Pipe in the upper section of the park, it also offers four jumps and between 15 and 20 jibs depending on the time of year. The South Park is easily accessible from the Canyon Lodge via the Rollercoaster Express.

    Metal and plastic: Jibs Galore from Chair 20

    Located directly next to the South Park, Jibs Galore is an intermediate freestyle park. As the name suggests, the park mainly consists of jibs and rails, and is even served by its own chairlift in Chair 20. Thanks to its wind-protected location at a low altitude, the park is also a great destination during bad weather.

    To make progress: Transition Park and Forest Trail

    The Transition Park can be best described as a skate park made of snow. At around 2.5 hectares in size, the Terrain Park winds its way through the forest and down towards the valley. It is designed with both beginners and advanced freestyle riders in mind. Transition Park is located in the direct vicinity of Jibs Galore and can also be easily reached via Chair 20. The Forest Trail Park is slightly easier and sits above the Main Lodge.

    To get the ball rolling: Fun Zones and Unbound Playgrounds

    At all three base lodges, freestyle fans can also try small terrain parks which are specially tailored to the requirements of beginners. Nevertheless, the quality of the features in these parks is also top notch. For instance, the Wonderland Playground located next to Chair 7 boasts a perfectly groomed 11 ft (3.5 m) mini pipe.


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    Martin Bauer
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