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last update on Jan 10, 2022
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Beginner 8 / 10
Overall: *52 / 60
*6 out of 10 categories rated

      A unique skiing area, particularly for beginners!

      Getting to the point right away: the resort around the “Kronplatz” (2275m) is very suitable for beginners. At the mountain peak of the “Kronplatz”, located above the timberline and therefore totally naked, beginners will find ideal conditions to do their first steps in the field of alpine winter sports. The hill top of the “Kronplatz” is the only one known to us that offers such above-average wide and flat slopes. Beginners can claim these runs completely for themselves. No passage at the peak region is too steep to be managed by those who are still less experienced. Apart from that beginners can also check out several other descents, as for example the “Spitzhorn”-(17), the “Alpen”-(18) or the “Pracken”-(19) run down to “Geiselberg”. The skiing area around the “Kronplatz” only barely misses the full score of 5 stars in this category. 4 stars only due to the missing practice slope for absolute novices!


      Beginner 8Advanced 10Freeride 8Terrain Parks 8Family 10Nightlife 8Service--Snow--Value for Money--On Mountain Dining--

      User Reviews

      Kathi (Age: 26-30)
      Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2019
      Travelled as: Group
      The Kronplatz offers daily freshly prepared slopes, which are also very wide, especially for beginners good opportunities to learn how to ski. There are several ski schools and a ski kindergarten f... Read complete review
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      Skigongo (Age: 41-45)
      Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2019
      Travelled as: Family
      For every Beginner Something and still never boring. Even the smallest ones are cared for above and not only somewhere in the Valley
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