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Terrain Parks 9 / 10
Overall: 82 / 100
  • Lift to the terrain park
  • Adequate set-up in the terrain park
  • Changing set-up
  • One or more terrain parks available
  • Obstacles for beginners and experts

    Twice the freestyle fun

    Freestyle fans can look forward to two excellent terrain parks in Kitzbühel: The Hanglalm and Horn. If you're just testing the freestyle waters, the latter is undoubtedly the better option. As the name suggests, the terrain park is located on the Kitzbüheler Horn near Brunellenfeld. Although this park offers fewer features than the Hanglalm, the range of boxes, rails and jumps is certainly very varied. The park is maintained and kept immaculate by the shaping crew on a daily basis. The ski school Roter Teufel even offers a freestyle skiing course on the Kitzbüheler Horn, making Kitzbühel a good place to try out freestyle skiing for the first time.

    Varied terrain park on the Hanglalm

    The terrain park on the Hanglalm in particular has made a name for itself over the years, located as it is next to the chairlift of the same name. The setup includes around 40 features, from jump lines, to jibs and rails – there have something for everyone. Thanks to the fact that the terrain park is split into several different areas, both beginners and advanced freestyle riders can hone their tricks here. There is also a kid’s area with small obstacles, like a 2 m jump or a 3 m long rainbow box. The main park, in contrast, offers up eight-metre rails and a 13 m jump. And if you need to unwind between jumps, look no further than the inviting chill-out area. Kitzbühel secures top marks with this varied setup, together with the detailed website listing the current status of the park and news as well as its own mobile app.


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    User Reviews

    Bernie Ski
    Bernie Ski
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    A real fun park, like the Kitzbüheler horn, is not available in this Kitzbühel ski area. Anyone who places a fun park should avoid it.
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    Martin Bauer
    Martin Bauer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Feb 2005
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Very secluded fun park on the Kitzbüheler horn, but fantastic slopes!
    The reason why Kitzbühel did not get five stars in the snowboarder category is clearly located on the far-off Funpark at the Kitzbüheler horn. To get from the main part of the ski area to the Hor... Read complete review
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