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Freeride 9 / 10
Overall: 82 / 100
  • Guided tours for freeride skiers
  • Patrolled off-piste runs
  • Avalanche training offered
  • Off-piste area
  • Information on avalanches available

    Numerous powder runs for freeride fans

    Kitzbühel is not only great for advanced skiers thanks to its groomed runs – we can also certainly recommend the area for skiers who like to venture off-piste. There are 13 marked routes off-piste across the entire ski area, combining to provide 36 km of ungroomed powder fun. On the Steinbergkogel and Zweitausender – these routes are easy to reach from the lifts and well-marked in the trail map. They also offer a safe option for powder fans. Kitzbühel offers nine LVS checkpoints which are well spread across the entire ski area. Freeriders can also find out about the current avalanche hazard at these information points.

    Bichlalm – the ski area’s very own ski tour zone

    In addition to the ski routes in the main part the ski area, the Bichlalm and Kitzbüheler Horn are favourite destinations for freerider enthusiasts. The Kitzbüheler Horn is blessed with meters of natural snow every year, offering a paradise of powder drops and tree runs on ski routes around the Reintal lift. The ski area operators in the Bichlalm area have completely geared their approach towards the needs of freeride skiers. A new chairlift carries skiers up to the Hochetzkogel, from where they can take a grooming vehicle onwards to the Stuckkogel. From here, skiers have plenty of off-piste terrain to explore, not to mention tons of untouched powder.



    User Reviews

    Bernie Ski
    Bernie Ski
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Long routes are marked in the valley of the 3s-Bahn and lead from the Pengelstein or Stone Mountain to Jochberg.The marked routes in the area of the Streif are often groomed or present themselves as mogul slopes, so are not suitable for deep snow riding.
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    Martin Bauer
    Martin Bauer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Feb 2005
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Great Outback and good training opportunities
    The respectable number of 14 black descents already shows impressively how much the Kitzbühel ski resort can offer to the team rider and the semi skier. A very special attraction is of course the ... Read complete review
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