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      Overall score:
      48 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Keystone - powder paradies!

      Located between 2835 and 3782m above sea level, Keystone is higher than most European ski resorts. Therefore Keystone features excellent snow conditions from December to April which caters especially to very skilled powder fans. 49 % of keystones terrain is of difficult level, a real peak value! Therefore Keystone is among the most challenging ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains. However families will also get their moneys worth as “Dercum Mountain” caters to less skilled skiers. Absolute novices to snow sports are less lucky. Apart from the practicing area at the “Discovery chair” and at the base of the “River Run Gondola” there is little terrain that is beginner friendly. However Keystone receives good to top marks in nearly all categories and is definitely among the best ski resorts in Colorado!!

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