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last update on May 3, 2022
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Snow 9 / 10
Overall: 88 / 100
  • Enough snow guns
  • Beneficial weather conditions
  • Long season
  • Located at high altitude
  • No glacier skiing

Ischgl has one of the longest seasons, year in, year out

When it comes to the snow guarantee here, there is no denying the facts:

  • 90% of the ski area is above 2,000m
  • 90% of the trails can be artificially prepared if required
  • The seasons starts in November every year and extends until late April or early May

Our tests always found conditions to be excellent in Ischgl, even during winters with low snow levels. The valley runs are usually skiable for the season opening event at the end of November.



User Reviews

Veit (Age: 41-45)
Skill: Pro • in Apr 2022
Travelled as: Family
Due to height of the slopes, almost all over 2000 m snow guaranteed until May
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Luzia (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Pro • in Dec 2021
Travelled as: Family
The area offers snow reliability until May. Admittedly, the snow becomes somewhat soft from the afternoon towards the end of the season. But this is hardly avoidable in view of the sun and the temperatures.
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Isabell (Age: 26-30)
Skill: Pro • in Nov 2019
Travelled as: Group
At the beginning of the season at the end of November there was already enough snow to open the descent to the valley.
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Fritt (Age: 18-25)
Skill: Advanced • in Jan 2018
Travelled as: Alone
We were a bit unlucky with the weather 2 years ago when we were there over New Year's Eve, but almost all the slopes were open and also easy to navigate.
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Rolf Sandmann (Age: 51-60)
Skill: Pro • in Apr 2018
Travelled as: Couple
Through snow-making safely all winter
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Larry (Age: 36-40)
Skill: Pro • in Oct 2017
Travelled as: Group
All the important slopes are snowy. Top.
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Johann (Age: 61-70)
Skill: Advanced • in Oct 2017
Travelled as: Alone
is very high and is absolutely snow-proof due to its expansive, ultra-modern snow!!!
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Christoph Fritz
Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
Travelled as: n.V.
Perfect piste conditions throughout the season. Since the ski resort is very high and is favoured by the weather  , there is always good snow here. Should the winter times be waiting, a very good s... Read complete review
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Stefan Ibarth
Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
Travelled as: n.V.
The ski resort is located at a height of 1377 m-2872 m. The main level of 2300 m-2872 m.The slopes are almost all equipped with artificial snow facilities.The season starts from the end of ... Read complete review
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