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last update on May 3, 2022
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Advanced 10 / 10
Overall: 88 / 100
  • Enough runs for experts
  • Ski circuit
  • Great variety of runs
  • Up-to-date lifts
  • Big ski resort

    Stunning Skiing Experiences for Advanced Skiers

    More than half of the 238 kilometres of runs (as of February 2017) are rated red (intermediate) in Ischgl. And that’s not the only reason why rating the ski area in the advanced skier category was so easy – Silvretta Arena is more than worth its rating of the full 10 points in this category.

    Ischgl’s lift systems are top-drawer

    Ischgl’s excellent rating in this category is not only down to its size, but also many other criteria important for advanced skiers: The most obvious plus point are the state-of-the-art lifts, ensuring skiers are transported quickly and comfortably up the hill.

    • The lifts largely consist of detachable 6-seater or 8-seater chairlifts (some of which are heated).
    • The 3S Pardatschgratbahn lift ensures that there are no queues at the base station, even at peak times.
    • The 8-seater chairlift at Flimjoch is one of the most modern chairlifts in the world. The features: Wind-resilient bubble, heated seats and a mountain station that ensures safe operation even in windy conditions. The exit area is enclosed. This allows the operator to open the wind-sheltered side, which can be determined depending on the wind direction.
    • Unique worldwide – in Ischgl twice over: 
      The No. 9 support tower for the Höllbodenbahn chairlift is also the No. 3 support tower for Flimjoch chairlift. Thus two different 8-seater chairlift lines are using the same support tower in their day-to-day operations. The Idjochbahn also has two 8-seater chairlifts crossing on the same support tower.
    • Over 75% of all chair lifts are fitted with weather protection hoods, meaning that your ascent is always pleasant, no matter the weather.

    The Smuggler's Run: A Ski Run for Explorers

    If you are visiting Ischgl for the first time, you shouldn’t miss the chance to try the Smuggler's Run – a reference to the option of going duty-free shopping in the Swiss resort of Samnaun. We were particularly impressed by the sporting challenge posed by this 35.7-kilometre circular tour, encompassing 6,463 vertical metres. We have marked the Schmugglerrunde on the Ischgl trail map in the images accompanying this test report:
    1. The tour starts at the lift "Silvrettabahn A1", which carries skiers to the Idalp (3.8 km)
    2. Run no. 2 to Höllboden (1.1 km)
    3. Lift: C3-Sassgalunbahn (0.4 km)
    4. Run no. 30 to Paznauner Thaya (1.5 km)
    5. Lift: E2-Höllspitzbahn (1.8 km)
    6. Run no. 32 to the restaurant Schwarzwand (1.7 km)
    7. Lift: D1-Palinkopfbahn (1.6 km)
    8. Runs no. 80 and no. 40 to Zeblasjoch and Piz Val Grondabahn (3.0 km)
    9. Lift: E5-Piz Val Grondabahn (2.4 km)
    10. Runs no. 42, 41 and 40 to Bistro Gampen (4.8 km)
    11. Lift: E4-Gampebahn (2.4 km)
    12. Runs no. 80 and 80a to Samnaun Valley and the Twinliner lift (7.9 km)
    13. Lift: L1-Twinliner, start/finish Samnaun (2.3 km)
    14. Run no. 69b to Alp Trida (1.1 km)
    15. Lift: N2-Visnitzbahn (1.2 km)
    16. Run no. 66 to Alp Bella (1.7 km)
    17. Lift: M1-Grivaleabahn (1.5 km)
    18. Run no. 66 to Alp Bella (1.8 km)
    19. Lift: M2-Mullerbahn (0.8 km)
    20. Run no. 67 to Alp Trida (1.4 km)
    21. Lift: N4-Viderjochbahn 1 (1.5 km)
    22. Run no. 71 to the restaurant Salaas (1.1 km)
    23. Lift: O1-Greitspitzbahn (1.4 km)
    24. Runs no. 14,12 and 11 to Idalp (2.4 km)
    25. Lift: B1-Velillbahn (1,6 km)
    26. Run no. 7 to Velilltal (2.8 km)
    27. Lift: F1-Velilleckbahn (0.6 km)
    28. Runs no. 4,1 and 1a  to start/finisch at the ground station Fimbabahn (3.4 km)

    The start-finish line is located at the Fimbabahn A3 cable car valley station in Ischgl or alternatively at the Twinliner L1 lift in Samnaun.

    Tip: Check out the interactive map on our iSki Ischgl app to help you find your way around the ski area. If you prefer to have a printed copy of the map you can pick up a copy of our Smuggler’s Run brochure at the Fimbabahn A3 valley station or at the Twinliner L1 lift in Samnaun.

    The Smuggler's Run Gold and Silver are for advanced skiers only. The Bronze run is on a slope with an easy level of difficulty (blue).



    User Reviews

    Veit (Age: 41-45)
    Skill: Pro • in Apr 2022
    Travelled as: Family
    Big enough and many sporty slopes
    Rated Categories
    Luzia (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Pro • in Dec 2021
    Travelled as: Family
    If you are a passionate skier, this is the place to be. The slopes are wide and varied. The panorama is incredible. The possibility to make a detour to Switzerland is super. The connection with lif... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Isabell (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Nov 2019
    Travelled as: Group
    Anyone who stands securely on the boards will certainly not be bored in Ischgl. From Idalp to Alp Trida, from Höllboden to Gampenalp - the choice of descents is huge. We hardly drove a runway twic... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Rolf Sandmann (Age: 51-60)
    Skill: Pro • in Apr 2018
    Travelled as: Couple
    In Ischgl there are many departures and connections between the individual lifts. On beautiful days I drive & #34; all & #34; lifts and gondolas once. None twice. This is my challenge and it takes 6 to... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Felix (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Advanced • in Dec 2017
    Travelled as: Group
    Very good terrain many possibilities
    Rated Categories
    Larry (Age: 36-40)
    Skill: Pro • in Oct 2017
    Travelled as: Group
    It has direction Piz Val Gronda quite nice long and partly also challenging slopes. Long Wall is a must for everyone.
    Rated Categories
    Christoph Fritz
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    The ski resort is one of the most modern I know. Well groomed slopes with   state-of-the-art facilities and a top-developed snow. Sporty skiing comes at your expense.Short waiting times and ver... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Stefan Ibarth
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    With 238 kilometres of downhill runs, Ischgl offers a wide variety of pistes and variants for all levels. There are two time series in the Velill and Idjochbahn. There is a mogul slope at the top o... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
    Martin Bauer
    Martin Bauer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Mar 2007
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Numerous challenging red slopes!
    The Silvretta arena is particularly suitable for the sporty ambitious winter athlete, since in the ski area around Samnaun and Ischgl clear runs of the category red dominate. The arena is run by ab... Read complete review
    Rated Categories
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