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last update on May 3, 2022
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Freeride 9 / 10
Overall: 88 / 100
  • Information on avalanches available
  • Guided tours for freeride skiers
  • Patrolled off-piste runs
  • Avalanche training offered
  • Off-piste area

    Piz Val Gronda: A cable car dedicated to freeride

    The Piz Val Gronda (E5) lift opens up a new sub-area for freeriders in Fimbatal. Although there is a groomed 3km trail in the valley, the lift primarily serves as a link to the untouched powder. Numerous off-piste routes lead from the summit of Piz Val Gronda down into Fimbatal and then on to Gampenalp. That’s some 900 vertical metres of powder action! It goes without saying that here, as in all freeride areas, the “early bird” catches the best lines. Whoever makes it up to the top first can pick their line through the untouched freshies. The cable car offers heated seating for 34 skiers and snowboarders. Eight avalanche towers have also been installed here to counter the avalanche threat.

    Two freeride hotspots on Palinkopf (2,864m)

    From the mountain station of the Gampenbahn (E4) lift, there are also numerous off-piste lines available down to Gampenalp. The panoramic views across to the Fluchthorn (3,399 m) and Wildspitze, at 3,768m Tyrol’s highest peak, make for a truly authentic freeride experience here.

    Ischgl is no longer the best-kept secret for freeriders

    Granted, Ischgl is probably first and foremost known for its party. Yet the ski area’s advantages in terms of ski touring and off-piste freeride have also been obvious for some time now. 90% of the runs are higher than 2,000m above sea level, making Ischgl one of the most snow-blessed ski areas in the eastern Alps. As a result, you can take to the untouched sidecountry in many areas next to the groomed slopes. The lines down from Palinkopf have been a well-kept secret among freeriders for some time now. Although 30 years in planning and negotiations, the new cable car up to Piz Val Gronda since 2013 now truly ensures that Ischgl is without doubt one of the top 10 freeride areas in the European Alps.



    User Reviews

    Luzia (Age: 18-25)
    Skill: Pro • in Dec 2021
    Travelled as: Family
    If you like to ski a bit off the beaten track, the Piz Val Grondabahn is the place to be. At the top of the peak there is a large area where you can make your tracks. However, the piste plan and the avalanche level must be observed!
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    Christoph Fritz
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    My group and I are on the road with carving skis. The theme of freeride is rather not on our agenda. But if I compare the offer of freeride runs in Ischgl with other regions, the offer is relativel... Read complete review
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    Stefan Ibarth
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Deep snow runs are available throughout the ski resort, especially in the new area of the Piz Val Gronda and on the right side of the Höllkar. Ski routes are protected from avalanches, otherwise t... Read complete review
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    Martin Bauer
    Martin Bauer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Mar 2007
    Travelled as: n.V.
    Even the professional driver is not under-challenged!
    Although the winter sports area around Samnaun and Ischgl has no such demanding black piste as the Gams lead 2 in Obertauern, but nevertheless the professional driver on the eight runs of the categ... Read complete review
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