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Ferienwohnung Chalet Bino U.G in Fiesch

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Chalet Bino is located in the valley area just in front of the village centre of Fieschertal. The chalet consists of 2 residences. The residence on the ground floor is furnitured for 6 persons and the residence on the first and second floor is suitable for 8 persons. The chalet is somewhat remoted from the trafic and is therefore quiet located, near a agriculture area. Nearby there is a ski lift for children and about 150 meters from the chalet is a bus station located. On this page the ground floor apartment will be described. 
There was a time that the Aletsch glacier was growing and growing. It became very close to the village. Besides, there were many break outs of the  Märjelensee: 35 times the break out devastated the village Fieschertal during the years 1700. The inhabiters maked a vow in 1678, in which they promised God and the world, to live properly in order that the glacier should end his growing. One time a year, they prayed during a couple of hours in the forest of Ernen to ask if the glacier would not grow anymore. This prayer took place on the day of the instigator of the jezuïeten, the saint Sint-Ignatius from Loyola; 31 July. 


Ground floor: living- and dining room with open kitchen, 2 bathrooms with toilet, washbasin and shower, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds and one with a stair to the first floor bedroom with 2 beds. Terrace and grass-land in front of the apartment, perfect for very nice evenings outside. 

Surface: 70 m2
This residence is suitable for a maximum of 6 persons

Beds: 6
Double Rooms: 3
Parking Area with direct access
Saunas: 0
Pools (inside): 0
Pools (outdoors): 0
Sun Deck


All rooms with their own shower


Ferienwohnung Chalet Bino U.G


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