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Cross-Country Skiing Sölden

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The Cross-Country Area

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Sölden offers 17 kilometers (10,5 miles)of cross-country trails that are perfect for skier of all abilities and that are totally free of charge. The trainings trail Vent starting at the town entrance underneath the church is considered to be ideal for beginners. The first kilometer is perfect for finding your ski legs and then you are ready to explore the remaining trail kilometers. Hit the seven kilometer long trail, the longest in the resort, that takes you via romantic bridges, a forest landscape and the sports field Zwieselstein.

If this is not enough, go ahead and explore the remaining trails in the region. The 195 kilometers (121 miles) in Ötztal have exemplary tracks for skaters and classics. Especially the wide valley at Längenfeld offers generous loops to train your endurance.

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Interesting facts

  • The cross-Country skiing area takes you to an elevation of 4600 ft.
  • Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 119 " at summit elevation and 14 " at the base.



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Trail Conditions

Weather (4488 ft)


Elevation4600 ft - 4600 ft
Skating 5.9 miles
Classic 9.32 miles
Lighted trails N/A

Cross-Country Trails

Overall 10.6 miles