Cross-Country Skiing Area Maria Alm at the Hochkönig: Position on map

Cross-Country Skiing Maria Alm

Trail Map Maria Alm

The Cross-Country Area

The Hochkönig Region, with its 3 villages of Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach, offers 40 km of cross-country ski trails certain to appeal to everyone, from occasional skiers to pros.

Cross-country fans will find the biggest trail network in Maria Alm, extending some 30 km.

Our Tip: The 7 km-long Panorama Trail on the Dientner Sattel between Dienten and Mühlbach.

Interesting facts

  • Offering 29.2 miles cross-country trails, Maria Alm is among the 10 largest Cross-Country Skiing Areas in Salzburg.
  • The cross-Country skiing area takes you to an elevation of 2703 ft.
  • Average snow depth during the season is 47 " at summit elevation and 26 " at base elevation. Snow coverage is usually best during February, offering an average snow depth of 60 " at summit elevation and 34 " at the base.
  • Maria Alm features 31 sunny days on average per season. The average for all cross-Country Skiing Areas in Austria is 27 sunny days. December is the sunniest month with an average of 13 sunny days. This makes the cross-Country skiing area one of the 10 sunniest in Salzburg.


Rate the Cross-Country Skiing Area

Weather (3281 ft)


Elevation2703 ft - 2703 ft
SeasonDecember - February
Opening DayDec 1, 2021
Closing DayFeb 28, 2023
Skating 10.87 miles
Classic 29.2 miles
Lighted trails 0.62 miles