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Oberstdorf Kleinwalsertal
Oberstdorf - Möserbahn Top Station
Elevation: 6217.2 ft
View of the peak of Fellhorn in Oberstdorf from Möserbahn's top station.
4 hours ago
Nebelhorn Top Station (Oberstdorf)
Elevation: 7296.6 ft
Panoramic view from Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf over the surrounding mountains.
5 hours ago
Kanzelwandbahn top station
Elevation: 6318.9 ft
View across the slope to the peak of Kanzelwand (2.058m)
6 hours ago
Fellhornbahn - Bergstation
Elevation: 6453.4 ft
Webcam shows Fellhorn cable car on 1967m and offers a Panoramic view of the skiing area Oberstdorf.
4 hours ago
Upper station Waldmendingerhorn (1950m)- 360°- panorama
Elevation: 6361.5 ft
The webcam shows the upper station at the Walmendingerhorn which is located in the region Vorarlberg in the Allgäuer Alps.
5 hours ago
Kleinwalsertal/ Riezlern
Elevation: 6463.3 ft
View of Riezlern in Kleinwalser valley, seen from Fellhorn mountain.
4 hours ago
Ifenbergbahn - Top Station Hahnenköpfle
Elevation: 6535.4 ft
The webcam is located at the top station of the Ifenbergbahn in the Kleinwalsertal.
temporarily unavailable
Upper station Fellhorn
Elevation: 6286.1 ft
Live View from the top station of the cable car Fellhorn at the ski resort Fellhorn/Kanzelwand
5 hours ago
Top of Nebelhorn
Elevation: 7217.8 ft
View from the top of the Nebelhorn cable car.
3 days ago
Oberstdorf: Ski Flying Hill
Elevation: 3280.8 ft
This webcam is located on the top of the Ski Flying Hill named 'Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze' in Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
middle station Fellhornbahn
Elevation: 5790.7 ft
View from middle station Fellhornbahn
6 hours ago
View Freibergsee near Oberstdorf
Elevation: 3093.8 ft
Webcam located at restaurant at lake Freibergsee.
6 hours ago
"Höfatsblick" mountain station
Elevation: 6305.8 ft
View from the "Höfatsblick" mountain station in the direction of Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Oberstdorf Scheibenhaus Apartments - View to the South
Elevation: 2680.4 ft
This webcam is located at the apartment Scheibenhaus on the southern outskirts of Oberstdorf. It offers a great view to the south to Kegelkopf,...
6 hours ago
Fellhorn mountain
Elevation: 6328.7 ft
Outlook at the mountain station of Fellhornbahn direction southeast.
6 hours ago
Kid's Park Ski School Riezlern
Elevation: 3727 ft
View of the town Riezlern - in the foreground the kid's park
6 hours ago
Fellhorn Funslope
Elevation: 5885.8 ft
Funslope located below the middle station Fellhornbahn
temporarily unavailable
Terrain park: Crystal Ground
Elevation: 3543.3 ft
The webcam is located in the lower part of Crystal Ground Terrain Park at Fellhorn/Kanzelwand ski area, Kleinwalsertal.
5 hours ago
Crystal Ground Riezlern
Elevation: 3536.7 ft
You can see the Terrain Park Crystal Ground at Kesslerlift.
temporarily unavailable
Intermediate Station Nebelhorn
Elevation: 4160.1 ft
In the background you can see the intermediate station of Nebelhorn cable car and the lift Seealpe, which are located in Oberstdorf.
temporarily unavailable
Mountain station Parsenn
Elevation: 4357 ft
The webcam shows Parsenn upper station which is located at the winter sport area Heuberg Arena.
temporarily unavailable
Ski Resort Heuberg Arena
Elevation: 4425.9 ft
Live Impressions from the Ski Resort Heuberg Arena in Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
5 hours ago
Base Station Söllereck
Elevation: 3313.6 ft
Check out the base station of Söllereck gondola in Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Söllereck Top Station
Elevation: 4484.9 ft
Panoramic view from the top station of Söllereck gondola lift towards Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Zafernalift mountain station
Elevation: 4645.7 ft
From Sonna Alp you can see Zafernalift upper station and the village Mittelberg in the "Kleinwalsertal" valley.
6 hours ago
Zafernalift: Sonna Alp
Elevation: 4691.6 ft
Live pictures from Sonna Alp at ski lift Zaferna, Kleinwalsertal.
6 hours ago
Heini-Klopfer Ski-jumping hill
Elevation: 2824.8 ft
You can see the Heini-Klopfer ski-jumping hill south of Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Oberstdorf: Webcam Cross Country Stadium
Elevation: 2755.9 ft
View of Cross Country Stadium in Oberstdorf, Allgäu.
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf: Webcam Ice Skating Center
Elevation: 2703.4 ft
View of ice surface in Skating Center Oberstdorf
temporarily unavailable
Allgäu Alps Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2683.7 ft
Located at Berktold Lodge in Oberstdorf the webcam is looking south towards the Allgäu Alps.
5 hours ago
Gerstruben 1,160 m
Elevation: 3759.8 ft
Enjoy the view from Gerstruben near Oberstdorf towards Mt. Wildengundkopf.
temporarily unavailable
Kornau Oberstdorf
Elevation: 3133.2 ft
Enjoy the view from the hotel Nebelhorn in Kornau towards the mountain Nebelhorn in the south of Bavaria.
6 hours ago
Elevation: 2811.7 ft
Looking towards Tiefenbach and mount Rubihorn and Nebelhorn near Oberstdorf.
5 hours ago
Oberstdorf Lake Freibergsee
Elevation: 3084 ft
You can see lake Freibergsee and the ski jumping hill of Oberstdorf in the background.
6 hours ago
Oberstdorf Jauchen
Elevation: 2860.9 ft
Enjoy the view from the wellness clinic in Jauchen towards Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Village outskirts of Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2585.3 ft
Have a look at the entrance to the town Oberstdorf in the south of Bavaria.
6 hours ago
Webcam ski jumping area, Oberstdorf
Elevation: 3097.1 ft
View of ski jumping area in Oberstdorf, Allgäu.
temporarily unavailable
Ski-jumping hills Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2670.6 ft
Check out the ski-jumping hills in Oberstdorf. The webcam is located at Park Hotel Frank.
temporarily unavailable
Marketplace Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2687 ft
Located at the Hotel Mohren the webcam is looking south towards the town square and the church St. John in Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
City Center Oberstdorf
Elevation: 2680.4 ft
Have a look at the city center of Oberstdorf with its spa park and the church St. John.
6 hours ago
Oberstdorf residence
Elevation: 2657.5 ft
The webcam is looking south towards mount Himmelschrofen in Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Oberstdorf meadows
Elevation: 2637.8 ft
Enjoy the view from Schüle's Spa Hotel in Oberstdorf.
6 hours ago
Elisabeth Guesthouse, Hirschegg
Elevation: 3789.4 ft
Live pictures from Guesthouse Elisabeth in Hirschegg with view towards Heuberg chair lift.
6 hours ago
Hotel Erlebach - Riezlern
Elevation: 3605.6 ft
Live pictures from Hotel Erlebach with view to Widderstein and Nebelhorn mountain.
6 hours ago
Apartement house "de Baar"
Elevation: 3586 ft
From the balcony of guesthouse de Baar you look towards the center of Riezlern.
temporarily unavailable
"Almenrausch" Guesthouse Riezlern
Elevation: 3612.2 ft
The webcam shows the view from Guesthouse Almenrausch in Riezlern, Kleinwalsertal.
6 hours ago
Lärchenhof Naturhotel
Elevation: 3960 ft
The webcam is located at Laerchenhof Nature Hotel and shows the mountain village Mittelberg in the Kleinwalsertal region.
6 hours ago
Restaurant Waldhaus, Riezlern
Elevation: 3225.1 ft
You can see Waldhaus Restaurant which is located close to Riezlern in the Kleinwalsertal region.
6 hours ago
"Alte Krone" Hotel
Elevation: 3960 ft
The webcam is located at Alte Krone Hotel and shows parts of the mountain village Mittelberg.
6 hours ago
Mittelberg, Hotel Alpenstueble
Elevation: 3953.4 ft
Live pictures from Alpenstueble Hotel which is located close to Zafernlift in the Kleinwalsertal region.
6 hours ago
Hotel Sonnenburg - Nebelhorn
Elevation: 3513.8 ft
View from Sonnenburg Hotel in the Kleinwalsertal region towards Nebelhorn mountain.
5 hours ago
Wildental hut - Hoefle
Elevation: 3940.3 ft
View towards Hoefle from Wildental hut in the holiday region Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
temporarily unavailable
Walserstuba Hotel
Elevation: 3510.5 ft
Live pictures from Walsterstube Hotel with view towards the valley station of Parsenn lift.
4 hours ago
Hotel Alpenrose, Kleinwalsertal
Elevation: 3904.2 ft
View from Hotel Alpenrose, Mittelberg.
2 hours ago
Inn Sonnenburg
Elevation: 3500.7 ft
View of Riezlern and the surrounding mountains
4 hours ago
Panorama of the town Riezlern
Elevation: 3589.2 ft
View of the hotel Wagner towards Riezlern
temporarily unavailable
Oberstdorf Haus
Elevation: 2657.5 ft
Outlook of "Oberstdorf Haus" towards Söllereck
6 hours ago
Hotel Sonnenberg Hirschegg
Elevation: 3894.4 ft
View from the Sonnenberg hotel Hirschegg
6 hours ago
Elevation: 3727 ft
View from the Bierkenhöhe hotel Hirschegg
5 hours ago
Hotel "Alphotel" Kleinwalsertal
Elevation: 3950.1 ft
View of the "Alphotel" in Hirschegg
3 hours ago
Chesa Valisa
Elevation: 3799.2 ft
Nature hotel Chesa Valisa at Hirschegg (1160m) - View accross the hotel and the Heuberg chair lift.
3 hours ago
Oberstdorf: Ski Jump Area
Elevation: 2874 ft
Panoramic view from the Oberstdorf jump.
4 hours ago
Snow Bar Riezlern
Elevation: 3540 ft
View of the après ski bar at the base of Riezlern
temporarily unavailable
Montana Hotel - Parsenn
Elevation: 3677.8 ft
Live pictures from Hotel Montana in the Kleinwalsertal region towards Parsenn lift.
6 hours ago

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  • Around the Ski Resort Oberstdorf Kleinwalsertal, there are 64 webcams. The webcams fall into three groups, namely 5 live streaming webcams, 4 panoramic webcams und 55 further webcams.
  • The highest webcam (Nebelhorn Top Station (Oberstdorf)) is situated 2224 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Village outskirts of Oberstdorf) is situated 788 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Ski Resort Oberstdorf Kleinwalsertal's vicinity: View Freibergsee near Oberstdorf.

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