Ski resort Loser Altaussee in Ausseerland - Salzkammergut: Position on map

Webcams Loser Altaussee

Sarsteinalm (1711 m) near Bad Goisern
Elevation: 1,753 m
View from Sarsteinalm to Gosau
5 hours ago
Volunteer Fire Department Altaussee
Elevation: 721 m
Panoramic view of Loser
58 minutes ago
Hagan Lodge
Elevation: 867 m
Outlook at the base station of Sandling- and Loser-Jet
54 minutes ago
Lake Altausseer See
Elevation: 722 m
Outlook from the Hotel am See towards Trisselwand
60 minutes ago
Base station Loserfenster
Elevation: 1,509 m
View off the base station towards the so called "Loserfenster"
59 minutes ago
Elevation: 1,780 m
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 1,780 m
View across Altaussee towards Loser
28 minutes ago
Loser Altaussee
Elevation: 1,780 m
View off Loser towards the valley
14 minutes ago
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