Cross-Country Skiing Area Tabarz Inselsberg in the Thuringian Forest: Position on map

Webcams Tabarz Inselsberg

Tabarz Inselsberg
Funpark Inselsberg in Brotterode-Trusetal 1
Elevation: 2381.9 ft
The webcam shows funpark Inselsberg in Brotterode-Trusetal. The park is locatet at popular hiking trail "Rennsteig" in Thuringian forest in...
2 hours ago
Panoramic view from Großer Inselsberg
Elevation: 3031.5 ft
The view from the top of mountain Großer Inselsberg in Thuringian Forest. The mountain is 916 meter high and thus one of the highest in the...
2 hours ago
Inselberg Funpark - Brotterode-Trusetal 2
Elevation: 2306.4 ft
View at summer toboggan-run and funpark at Inselsberg close to ski resort Tabarz in Thuringian Forest.
temporarily unavailable
Look at Wasserkuppe
Elevation: 3031.5 ft
The webcam shows the view at mountain Wasserkuppe, the highest mountain of Hesse, Germany.
temporarily unavailable
Mountain restaurant "Spießberghaus"
Elevation: 2332.7 ft
View from mountain restaurant "Spießberghaus" in Friedrichroda in the Thuringian Forest, Germany.
1 hour ago
View of Brotterode
Elevation: 3024.9 ft
In summer you can hike through the Thuringian Forest. In winter it is a lovely skiing area.
5 hours ago
Friedrichroda: Thuringian Forest
Elevation: 1604.3 ft
View over the valley of Friedrichroda in the Thuringian Forest in Germany.
5 hours ago
Brotterode view over the town
Elevation: 1948.8 ft
Webcam is positioned at the Hotel Pfefferstübchen and shows the view towards the village Brotterode.
temporarily unavailable
Elevation: 1299.2 ft
View of Tabarz at mount "Großer Inselsberg", in the foreground the town Tabarz.
5 hours ago
Großer Inselsberg Ski Resort
Elevation: 2982.3 ft
View from mount "Großer Inselsberg" where you can ski. One lift is transporting the guests.
5 hours ago

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  • 10 webcams are located near the Cross-Country Skiing Area Tabarz Inselsberg.
  • The highest webcam (Look at Wasserkuppe) is situated 924 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Tabarz) is situated 396 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Cross-Country Skiing Area Tabarz Inselsberg's vicinity: Funpark Inselsberg in Brotterode-Trusetal 1.
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