Cross-Country Skiing Area Schöneck Hohe Reuth in the Vogtland: Position on map

Webcams Schöneck Hohe Reuth

Schöneck Hohe Reuth
Ski Bublava
Elevation: 2624.7 ft
View of the ski resort of Bublava in Czech Republic.
4 hours ago
Kammloipe: View Muehlleiten
Elevation: 2857.6 ft
Webcam located at Mühlleiten, a little village near Klingenthal. You can see the Kammloipe for cross country.
6 hours ago
Kammloipe: View Hammerbruecke
Elevation: 2244.1 ft
View from the school at little village Hammerbrücke to the cross country trails.
6 hours ago
Hotel Rosenhof
Elevation: 2303.1 ft
Webcam shows the the surroundnings of the hotel Rosenhof Schöneck in Saxony/Germany.
6 hours ago
Rodelhang, Schöneck
Elevation: 2519.7 ft
Webcam shows you the village Schöneck in Saxony which is popular for it's ski resort.
6 hours ago
Ferienpark Schöneck
Webcam shows the IFA Park within the Ski Resort Schöneck in Saxony/Germany.
6 hours ago
Ski Jumping Venue at Vogtland Arena
Elevation: 2188.3 ft
The webcam faces Klingenthal's ski jumping hill at Vogtland Arena in the Western Ore Mountains.
13 hours ago
Kammloipe: View Schoeneck
Elevation: 2775.6 ft
Webcam shows you the slopes of Schöneck Hohe Reuth Kammloipe in Saxony/ Germany.
6 hours ago
Upper station Streugrün
Elevation: 2247.4 ft
Upper station Streugrün in german Ski Resort Schöneck in Saxony.
6 hours ago
Skilift Mühlleiten
Elevation: 2772.3 ft
Webcam shows the slopes and the lifts of the Ski Resort Mühlleiten at Klingenthal.
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Webcam Information

  • There are 10 webcams in close proximity of the Cross-Country Skiing Area Schöneck Hohe Reuth.
  • The highest webcam (Kammloipe: View Muehlleiten) is located at an altitude of 871 metres, while the lowest one (Ferienpark Schöneck) is situated at an altitude of 0 metres.
  • Most popular and most viewed/visited webcam: Ski Bublava.
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