Cross-Country Skiing Area Perisher Blue in the High Country: Position on map

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Perisher Blue
Perisher: Snow Stake Webcam
Elevation: 5659.4 ft
Snow stake webcam in Perisher ski resort, Australia. It clears itself every 24 hrs
6 hours ago
Charlotte Pass: Triple Chair Kosciuszko
Elevation: 5859.6 ft
The so called Triple Chair Kosciuszkois located at Snow Resort Charlotte Pass, which highest point is located at 1765 m.
2 hours ago
Smiggin Holes
Elevation: 5567.6 ft
Outlook at the ski area at Smiggin Holes
2 hours ago
Perisher: View Mt Kosciuszko
Elevation: 6227 ft
View from the top station of Freedom Chairlift towards Mt Kosciuszko
5 hours ago
Perisher: Top station Freedom Chairlift
Elevation: 6243.4 ft
View of the top station of Freedom Quad Chairlift at Guthega Peak looking West
2 hours ago
Perisher - Slope Excelerator
Elevation: 5767.7 ft
View towards the slope Excelerator close to Ridge Quad Chair
2 hours ago
Perisher: Summit Blue Cow
Elevation: 6312.3 ft
View from the top of Blue Cow towards Blue Cow Terminal and Perisher Mountain
2 hours ago
Perisher - Centre Valley
Elevation: 5705.4 ft
View towards the area Centre Valley in Perisher ski resort
2 hours ago
Perisher: Happy Valley T-bar
Elevation: 5810.4 ft
View towards the Happy Valley t-bar
2 hours ago
Perisher - Olympic Run
Elevation: 6650.3 ft
View from Mt Perisher towards Olympic run
2 hours ago
Perisher: View Mt Perisher
Elevation: 6309.1 ft
View from the base towards Mt Perisher
2 hours ago
Perisher - Cam Village Eight
Elevation: 5951.4 ft
View towards Front Valley facing PlayStation Slopestyle Park and the slow area for beginners
5 hours ago
Perisher: Cam Front Valley
Elevation: 5656.2 ft
View of Front Valley with the PlayStation Slopestyle Park and Mt Perisher in the background
5 hours ago
Perisher - Village 8 Express
Elevation: 5203.4 ft
The webcam is located at the end of the village 8 express in the australian ski resort Perisher Blue in the Snowy Mountains. It offers a good view...
5 hours ago
Perisher - Blue Cow
Elevation: 5203.4 ft
The webcam shows the view from Blue Cow. It is located in the largest ski resort of Australia, the Perisher Blue.
5 hours ago

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  • 15 webcams are located near the Cross-Country Skiing Area Perisher Blue.
  • The highest webcam (Perisher - Olympic Run) is situated 2027 metres above sea level, wheras the lowest webcam (Perisher - Blue Cow) is situated 1586 metres above sea level.
  • Most popular webcam in the Cross-Country Skiing Area Perisher Blue's vicinity: Perisher: Snow Stake Webcam.
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